Sabado, Enero 18, 2014

Myat, My Ayat

January 19 became one of the most memorable date in my existence.
The day I:
  • got married & became Mrs. ML Macatumbas
  • cried with lots of tears that heaven knew it meant happiness
  • said I do with no hesitations
  • shamelessly kissed you
  • felt/proved you really did love me that much
  • saw you cry because of happiness too
  • promised to be loyal to you no matter what

As I reminisce and remember every single moment on that day, I can't help but smile, laugh and giggle. I was happy back then and happier now even though things/situations aren't always perfect yet God continued to be with us all the time giving us hope, making us strong enough.

I assure you, as promised, I will love you till I die. You are the first and last man on earth to whom I'd be much willing to marry again and again, anytime anywhere. Thank you for trying to be the sweetest and most romantic husband... try harder lol :)

I missed you so much dad., I love you.

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