Linggo, Hunyo 30, 2013

In the mid-of-night

My son was crying and I don't know why.
He wanted candy so I gave him one. Then he wanted to go out but it's still dark outside (time check ten minutes past 12). 
He kept on crying. He wanted his dad... kept calling his dad who's working in Dubai. How I wish his dad has viber account... we only use skype for video calling. I am so sleepy but I need to calm him down so carried him but still he didn't stop crying and her little sister woke up...crying. As much as I wanted to carry them both, I tried but I can't. 
                      yeah imagine 2 year old boy on my left arm and 4months old baby girl on the right. Great!
                                                                 Sometimes I wish I am Super mom, the one that could do tasks at a time.


Happy Birthday Yna

Just got home from my cousin's birthday party.
Busog much! Thank you ading 

May you'll have many many more birthdays to come.
Keep up your good works and continue to serve your co-CYFers 
for the glory of the Lord.

You are blessed with many things that lots of sixteen year old
 like you doesn't even have nor experienced.
Learn to value everything you have.

Enjoy your life and don't rush things out.
Stay positive even if things aren't turning out the way you wanted it/them to be.
You deserve to be happy so stay happy.

You can always count on me. J
Thank you for your kindness… I love you.

God bless you even more.

                       Shienna Ophel S. Bragado
               Typical girl with atypical personality.
                        Happy 16th Birthday! 

Sabado, Hunyo 29, 2013

It's been Seven Days

Seven days…

It was a slow ride but things happened so fast that I didn’t even comprehend.

I saw my 4 months old baby girl on the side of the road, her face facing the ground. My son’s loud cry because of fear, the people surrounding us, the blood on my brother in law’s knee/right foot and all made me panic that I didn’t even know what to do first.

I’ve got injuries too: wound on my face, my body hurts…my knee… my right hand,  but I was more concerned with my kids. My son doesn’t have injuries but my daughter… I am afraid, so afraid. Shaking, full of fear and teary eyed I rode a bus to the near city (20 minutes drive) going to the hospital. Messy as I am… who cares? I need a doctor to see/examine my daughter.

… She is fine. I won’t advice you to admit her because in the first place she’s not even crying, (he touched my baby’s bruises) see? She’s smiling as if she’s not hurt. No need to have an x-ray for I am very sure she’s fine, just observe her. blah blah blah..... -Doctor

That was the time I calmed down. Mixed emotions. Glad that my daughter is fine except that she had scratches on her face and bruises… but she is perfectly fine. I checked on her every now and then. I felt sorry for the both of them.

The thought of seeing them in pain or losing them is killing me! It was a traumatic incident… indeed it was. I know life is too short and I want to live and have beautiful memories with my kids as long as possible. I love them very much. They are my precious gifts that I can’t even afford to lose.

Sorry for letting you worry my dear husband. :D

Lunes, Hunyo 10, 2013

Student ... Again

Ohh summer is over... meaning classes starts again.

I earned my Bachelor's degree 4 years ago. It was difficult; I mean I got hard time maintaining my grades and all. I can work under pressure but imagining those days… aaahhh stressful not to mention pricey (the tuition, allowance etc). I can still imagine my parent’s hard work in order to send me and my 4 siblings to a nice school during college.

So, why am I schooling again? Hmmm I just felt I need to, you know gain more knowledge haha! To be honest, I wanted to have a Bachelor in Technical Teacher’s Education degree since it’s an in demand course right now, plus the fact that teachers nowadays have good salary with great benefits… perfect! (Should I think twice?)

I wanted to become a teacher or a theology graduate major in music ministry when I was younger but I didn’t know why I changed my mind only to be disappointed in the end. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just sad that I am to go to school again when infact I could have done it. Well, it’s not too late… I mean its better late than never. I’m still 25 though I’ve got more responsibilities right now still I am physically fit, mentally stable but financially questionable hahaha!! I know my husband will support me till I needed. He’s been very supportive ever since. 

Basically, I’m not doing this for myself but for my family… my kids more importantly.

So, prepare school UNIFORM+SHOES+BAG etc. I’ll be wearing/using you all for hundreds of days now till. Ha. Don’t let me down. Just 2 more years.

Bring it on terror Profs… I am so ready! 

#crossedfingers #excited #meetfriends


Ahhh such a long and tiring day.

... I was thinking, typing while babysitting. I'm glad that today my kids were very cooperative. Great!

I made 10 articles composed of 500 words this day and I felt exhausted.
It's urgent (according to my boss)...

                 for that, I am treating myself with a beauty rest... ohhh bed here I come.
                                         school again tomorrow. great!

FACEBOOK--- ??? see you in my dreams. lol

Linggo, Hunyo 9, 2013

HUBBY Father's Day

Daddy McLloyd,

First of all (oh kalma lang, naa pay 2nd, hihi),

Thankyou! Iwill never get tired of saying that. You've been such a wonderful dad/hubby. Your not romantic not even close to being one (duh?!) but you never fail to make me/us happy. The way you took care of our son and how you showed him your love even to our little girl (though you haven't got the chance to hold and kiss her) really made me love you even more.

Second--ly?, (diba ingon ko naa pay second) Sorry.. i won't mention it one by one err! it'll took me yearsto finish. lllleeelllsss just couple of things why I'm saying it --me-- yes me! being so dramatic and all. You can't blame me, I;m just afraid that I might lose you or something like that. I can't imagine my life without you dear. Sorry for being so hard headed and for not listening (at times). Yes I know I'm irresponsible and careless, you've said that many times... sorry. And again Sorry that I'm abusing myself to the point that I don't sleep and eat on time whenever I'm busy (but dad.. as I've said I'm busy... understand) well got your point actually you Love me and you don't want me to get sick considering the fact that you are miles away hmm .... ok sorryyy for everything. I know, I might "again and again" do stupid things that will surely makeyou angry or mad with... maybe tomorrow? or next weeK? next year? nah! I'll ask for your forgiveness again and again and again.

We actually don't have a lot in common.and again, no need to elaborate and say it one by one-- well, yeah truly opposite do attracts

I may not be the luckiest woman in the whole wide universe, but/yet/still I do know that I'm soooo much blessed to have you.

We love you and we missssssssssss you soooo much dear.
Happy Father's Day. God Bless you always.

P.S. do save a lot for we are soooo gonna spend and celebrate next year's father's day in PARIS. Bwahahaha!!... Ok. Don't  presssuurree yourself too much it's just.. PARIS you know... hahahaha

Huwebes, Hunyo 6, 2013


“Forgive and forget” is an old expression that has been around for so many years now. Yes, we may forgive people who have done wrong against us but the sad part is many of us don’t actually have the ability to forget. Let me quote this saying “Fool me ones, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Well apparently, we live on this motto more than the first one. Many of us are slow to forgive and almost never forget the bad things done to us or the person behind.

Most of us are fragile when it comes to our feelings. Sad truth is, when we got hurt we don’t actually tell the person that hurts us. There is no way that the person can fix the problem if he or she doesn’t know that we are angry with him or her. When we are offended, we need or must not talk to anyone other than the one’s whom we are offended. We don’t have to seek advices to others nor share our anger to anyone not even to our teacher, pastor, parents etc. Instead we go straight to the person in attempt to fix the misunderstanding. Basically the situation will be over and the good thing is that no other people were involved. Let’s think of this - if we handle such things incorrectly two, three or more people will be tied up in it and things will get worst.

Well on the other hand, if that person rejects us then, that’s the time we seek council and witnesses. After we tried to make things right, we can go to our parents, teacher, pastor to seek advice or assistance with a goal to solve the problem not to let the person we got offended with feel bad for hurting us or our feelings.

We can never move on to a happy, calm and worry free life unless we have a clear conscience. Free from anger and troubles by then we’ll be living a peaceful life.

Lunes, Hunyo 3, 2013

Embracing Social Media

Nowadays social media is a huge thing that it became essential already. A lot of people are so in to it that they became more attached and thus spend most of their time online. For that matter, they were already addicted without even realizing they were.

The fact that the social media offers many kinds of exciting opportunities, games, application, entertainment, knowledge and all captivated the interest of the people. Actually, by the help of social media people are able to get a job, hire for a job, communicate to their loved ones easily, and meet new friends and a lot more. It even gives everyone the opportunity to become popular in their chosen field or career. Apparently, positive things do come with negatives for we all know that social media has become the playground of crimes and wrong doings where minors are more concerned with of which is so distressing. Children must be guided accordingly knowing their vulnerability. We need to let the young ones understand that engaging in social network such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE (which happen to be most popular amongst teens and adults at present) etc. exposes themselves in public and that gives almost everyone specially those “strangers” the right to stalk, bully and even enter their private lives easily by just merely sharing information or simple exchange in communication. Being Careless at times threatens our safety much if we aren’t thinking of the consequences.  I mean – you will not be in danger if you’ll not put yourself in to it. We must be responsible of our actions and doings.  We are living in this world wherein technology offers a lot that we sometimes mishandle its output, we must know our limitation. It lessens the risk.

As we embrace the positive impact of social media we also welcome the threat it may bring. Either social media will work or break things out. It’s not always a win win situation, let’s be aware of that.